Monday, August 29, 2005

I was in dilema .....

August 26th was Angel's birthday. I listed two things to be the potential birthday present for her: the Digital Camera, and a Diskman.

I've compared both, the needs, the performance, and the price as well. I even tabulated the pros and cons between these two items. What an analytical mind I have. This is the nature of an Engineer, I think.

She had dreamed for a Digital Camera for a long time. I gave her my old Sony Discman two years ago. The discman was my SPM present, where mum brought it for me due to my achievement in my SPM exam. It had been my best companion since, during my Uni time, (in the deserted Tronoh, lot km away from Ipoh), travel with me to Xiamen, China (my first job after my graduation) and till recently in KL. It survive from a rain spilled one day when heavy rain had spilled into my room and wetted my discman. Unbelievable, it still functioning !

I always wanted to get her a new discman. But I have chosen the digital camera. Maybe next year, I shall get her a discman...

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