Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Professionalism ??

I am so dissapointed with the so called professionalism in this company. The associates are so sellfish not to give any advice to young Engineers not from their own field, and they are all registered professional engineers. I doubt their qualification. They are not liable to have this title where as they are not act like a professionals. All they have in mind are dollar signs! When money talks, they just throw away their title.

They earn no respect from me. I shall no respect them as an Engineer, but a cunning chinese-minded sellfish yellow skinned f***ker!

Monday, August 29, 2005

I was in dilema .....

August 26th was Angel's birthday. I listed two things to be the potential birthday present for her: the Digital Camera, and a Diskman.

I've compared both, the needs, the performance, and the price as well. I even tabulated the pros and cons between these two items. What an analytical mind I have. This is the nature of an Engineer, I think.

She had dreamed for a Digital Camera for a long time. I gave her my old Sony Discman two years ago. The discman was my SPM present, where mum brought it for me due to my achievement in my SPM exam. It had been my best companion since, during my Uni time, (in the deserted Tronoh, lot km away from Ipoh), travel with me to Xiamen, China (my first job after my graduation) and till recently in KL. It survive from a rain spilled one day when heavy rain had spilled into my room and wetted my discman. Unbelievable, it still functioning !

I always wanted to get her a new discman. But I have chosen the digital camera. Maybe next year, I shall get her a discman...

Celebrate her Birthday

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to YOU !
Happy Birthday to Angel,
Happy Birthday to YOU !!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Angel's Birthday Present

August 26th is the birthday of Angel Wong, I brought her a good present. She wanted to have a Digital Camera for a long time. She own her first camera from her brother some years ago. That camera is one of the oldest model ever produce. So, I brought her a Digital Camera, Sony Cyber Shot DSC H-1. I got a good bargain, with a 512 Mb memory card. At least this is a good camera, with lot of functions.
The Sony Cyber Shot DSC H - 1

See that big box ? That's the Sony Cyber Shot. Meet Panda_Bear!

Meet the Panda_Bear, my latest present to Angel

Panda_Bear meets Pichachu.

Happy Birthday to Angel Wong.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy Birthday !!

26th August 2005 is the woman's birthday. Unfortunately, she has to work on that night. So, I can't celebrate the birthday with her.

Pity her that she has to handle a magazine. She is a Executive Chief Editor for 3C Digital magazine. From correcting words to pagination, she has to do all this work. All of her editors were useless but to sit there and play online games, or waiting for the right opputunity to meet up celebrities. Or to get some free movie tickets.

Instead giving her my support, not to bother her that she put more time on her work rather then me, I shall not complaint.

Anyway, it is quite dissapointed that I can't celebrate her birthday on the day. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Angel.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

To buy or Not to Buy

I copy this title from my Second Bro's blog. Me as well. I have figured out what to get the woman a present. But, to buy or not to buy ? For sure I wouldn't post the secret here, where the woman may read this blog. So, the secret will remain secret until the true day.

Anyway, I think I made a decision what to do now. So, she should be supprise when she get her present.

Monday, August 22, 2005



Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Terrible Haz in KL !!!!

Haz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twin tower is dissapeared from the skyline of KL ! The sky of KL is filled with white haz !

Finally, I have a feel of the hazzy romantic enviroment used to have in the Europe. However, the major difference is the hazzy whether of KL is not as cold as the Europe type; it smell like s***t.

Hope this will end soon. I should pray to God for some shower, wash away all these flying debris and bring us a clear sky.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Women....

I brought her back to my hometown in Penang. She spotted this plant and she posted as what her mum will normally do.

Ok, she looks like her mum, the way she was standing, the way she was smilling. It reminds me to a photo taken by my father, me and my second brother, posted so innocently in front of the factory, while I was sitting in a tricycle, and my brother was standing beside me, and we were smilling to the camera. That was the time when I start losing my front teeth. Frankly, I do not recall I took that photo, however, it shows that I was young before. It was 21 years ago.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My House Laptop

This is my laptop. I wanted to have an Apple iBook, but it is too expensive to own one. This Compaq is good enough for a user like me; Centrino Processor, 512kb mem., DVD/CD combo drive, 17" monitor and this is what I like the most, this model comes with built in Bluetooth and Wireless LAN. So, I'm not only can communicate with my Handphone wirelessly, I can even go online without any extra gadget.

The oval shape thing is my wireless mouse. And the rectangular patch is my good handphone. I go online with this handphone. DiGi is offering a wireless broadband with reasonable low monthly access fee, unlimited access.

It is slow, however, I need not to apply a telephone line. Anyway, I'm enjoying my wireless life. :)

My Working Place

This is my work place, taken from the view of where I sit. I got a brand new HP computer from my company; Pentium 4, 256kb mem, good speaker sound system and 17" monitor. But, pity it is just a computer, a machine that do word processing. The software we require to do complex structure analysis is too expensive, that my mananagement "encourage Engineers to produce their own computer programme". But, we are not allowed to download any "free" programming language from the internet. What a paradox. So, it is a good thing to show others that "we are well equiped with high technology". Duh.
Anyway, at least I have a computer, thank God I still be able to go online, surfing to internet. This is a privilege we have as an Engineer in the company. :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

The women behind the scene ....

Finally, I've found the most beautiful woman in my life ....

She has been so supportive, she brings light to my life, and we went through our hard time together.

Sure, I love her. She is the one who I shall spent my life with.

This is me. Used to be the youngest member in the family. However, my place is being challenged by two youngest members of my family: David, the first grandson, and Helena, the first granddaughter.