Friday, December 16, 2005

The MAS Hangar in KLIA

This subject had been hoo-haa since the begining of the project some months ago. The Mechanical Department's Director of the company uses this project as his ultimate weapon to show off, that he has the ability to conduct and handle such a huge and complicated project.

For your information, MAS intended to build a Air Bus A380 hangar in KLIA, one of the Tun's time prestigious project. However, MAS had been in deep debt. MAS is unable to finance such a huge and expensive project just to service its only A380! A non-financer like me would undestand the situation, and the decision was made by the new MAS management, two days ago, was to halt the project (or KIV it).

No doubt this is and will be a big hit to the Director. He has been so proud with this project. I couldn't imagine how he feels if he got to know the fact that the project is halted ? He might have to search a hole and burries his head into it as he had looked down to us, which he claimed that we are a bunch of rubbish doing nothing else but to waste the company's resourses.

He'll learn his mistakes, and he'll know what is right and what is wrong.

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