Thursday, July 20, 2006

Annual Dinner 2006

Finally, the long awaited "annual dinner" had arrived! It was the day of 15th July 2006. It has been 2 years since our last "annual dinner". The dinner is always a hot topic when the year come to its end. However, repeated disappointments had made us not to expect much. To our surprise, we finally been told that we would have a company dinner at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Ok, finally we do see the effort of our kind management to show their appreciation to their staff. "And your hard work will be paid for.", as claimed by our newly appointed "Internal Affairs Director". Do you call this an annual diner, which is not been held annually ? Funny, huh?

"Every one will have a lucky draw !" What is the meaning of lucky draw if everyone has a present? The food was suck, the "lucky draw present" for me is a hair dryer, and the programme was boring..... *sigh* I think this is the time for me to seriously consider my resignation from this silly company...

Anyway, Angel was pretty that night. She had her hair well done, and she wore a nice white dress. I would say she was the pretties on the floor.

Here are some photos to share....

She always that gorgeous, don't you think so?

Does she looks like 杨恭如?

Say "飞机"!

The venue. 20 tables all together. Most of my colleagues brought their partner. However, some of them didn't turn up that night. One of them was my superior, Ir Jalal. I wonder why....

Table was nicely decorated, but the food was late to be served.... We were so hungry and we finished the keropok in seconds!

My bosses.
From right, Ir Douglas Chow (my immediate boss, the Company MD, Head of Civil Engineering Department), Ir CS Tan (Associate Director, Head of Structural Engineering Department), Ir HK Phang (Director, Head of Electrical Engineering Department) and Ir Jimmy Tan (Director, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, and newly appointed Internal Affairs Director)

That's me and my lovely, pretty wife upon arrival to the hall.
She is pretty, isn't she?

May and her boyfriend. Oh dear, she was pretty that night.... And she had became a "celebrity" where most of the guys were lined up to grab a photo with her. Pity I missed the chance for that...... *sigh*... hehe

gaming session! Who could finish two bottles of Coca-cola in the shortest time win !

Second game: who could "produce" the longest apple skin win!!

Judging in progress, and we had a winner!!

The dinner was adjourned at 12.00 mid night. Until next time.... (could be probably 4 years later?) Haha...


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