Tuesday, May 25, 2010




我说:“I have no idea why I so like this photo....”

他说:“....because it makes you wonder what is on the other side?”

我说:“hmm... please enlighten me, master tm.”

他说:“"it's emptinessssssss...."..see no further ahead..just dwell on the NOW..*poof* TM drifts away into thin air after speaking the words..”

我说:“deep......... "Everything starts with nothing, and ends with nothing." Hence, "like what ever lies in front of you."

True ar? Master TM?”

他说:“Even if u see a chair..when u magnify it million times..u will see only atoms and they r almost non-existence apart from their coming together to make a 'form'..hence emptiness is form...and form is emptiness.. Life..we came with nothing on as a baby..and when we r gone..we bring nothing away..hence, what u say makes sense”

我说:“fuyuh, even deeper. This must be the words from Lao Tze himself. Indeed this is true. As form is formed from nothing. Just like the vast empytiness in the universe, you could say it's nothing in between, but in fact it's filled with electromagnetic waves.

Indeed I am enlightened.”