Thursday, September 29, 2005

Proton - A Malaysian Humiliation ??

I'm in the mist in looking for a new car. I had narrow my choice to Toyota Vios, Honda City, Nissan Sentra, Naza Citra (Kia Carens) and Hyundai Matrix. Just surf around the internet, to get to know more preview from the owners of these cars. Then I come accross to a forum, discussing about the performance and the quality of Naza Citra. This is what I found in the forum :

"Toyota - Get the feeling
Honda – The Power of Dreams
Nissan – Shift the Future
Hyundai – Drive your Way
Kia – The Car that Cares
Alfa Romeo – Beauty is not Enough
Peugeot – Engineered to be Enjoyed
Chevrolet – An American Revolution

Puloton – Get the Frustration – The Power of Windows – Shift the History – Drive your Tensions – The Car that Never Cares – Ugly is not Enough – Engineered to be Broken Down – A Malaysian Humiliation

What a terrible thing happen to our homemade Proton car. If the CEO of the Proton is reading this blog, he should THINK deeply and have to do something. Or else, we as Malaysian would not be proud of Proton.

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