Thursday, March 16, 2006

My ex-bedmate !!

My dear ex-bedmate, Mr Lee Jia Jack and his wife, Mdm Poo Hwei Ching. The photo was taken on his wedding day some months ago. Ex-bedmate ?! Yes, we shared the same "bed" during our uni time, 6 years ago. We were not practically shared the "bed", but our beds were arranged in such a way of side-by-side.

I must admit, he is my best buddy and we shared a lot of deep knowledge talks: from school notes to love talk, and from religous knowledge, to scientific fantasy.

And here he is, married to a nice girl from neighbouring Uni, UTP. Jack was, and will always be, our pride model as he is the first USM student to penetrate the highly defenced UTP chicks, and he suceeded tackled a hot babe from there !!

All my best wishes to him. And he finally found his true bed-mate, and so do I. ^_^

Oh dear, I look fat in the picture !! Ouugghhh !!! >_<>_<"'

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