Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A conversation.....

I have a colleuge, who is an Indian from India. Yes, a pure Indian. He stays in a place where I pass by everyday. He does not own a car.

Since I pass the place where he stays, I would be happy to fetch him and drop him somewhere near to his house. At least I could have someone who I can chat with during the boring traffic jam....

We had an conversation yesterday. Somehow, I came out this phrase :"You would easily get happy, but you couldn't always get lucky."

Hmm... this phrase had brought me into deep thought. Yes, we could easily find things that could make us happy, but you could not create "lucky". A scope of air-cream would brighten up our down day, but it could not provide you lucky 4-D numbers where you could strike the first price. You can read up a joke in a newspaper and brighten up your day, but you can not get rich just staring at the Magnum's striking number results in the paper.

So, why not we just "happy go lucky"? The earth would not stop spinning if you feel unhappy all the time, right?

So, cheers up! ^_^

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