Friday, October 06, 2006

"Engr." = Engineer

"....... There seems to be some confusion amongst our members and the general public on the use of "Ir." and "Engr." Historically "Ir." was a title promoted by the Institution to be used by all Corporate and Graduate members of IEM. When the Registration of Engineers Act was amended so that only proffesional engineers registered with the Board of Engineers can use the title, all Graduate members of IEM are left with nothing to identify themselves with. Corporate members of IEM are not affected much as most are registered with the Board of Engineers as Malaysia professional engineers although some wo do not do so also lost their identity.
As IEM would loke to have it we have amended our Constitution recently so that all its Graduate and Corporate membership carries the identification Engr. This is part of our effort at Rebranding IEM because there are may more engineering graduates in the country who possess accredited engineering degrees and who work in engineering related enviroment and should be able to stand-out amongst the profession as an engineer. Leading this group are perhaps those engineers who work in factory/production house environment and in establishments with R&D facilities, highly specilised work. Should they choose to become IEM members, they now do have something to be identified with whilst Corporate members of IEM shall be given the choice of whether to retain their Ir designation or to use Engr. with a P.Eng. instead. In communications with IEM and the public, as president of the day I have opted to use Engr. to be indentified with our Graduate members as well...... " - Engr. CS Ow, P. Eng.

The above is part quoted from the article "Going Virtual and Rebranding", Jurutera (September 2006 issue) written by the President of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia, Engr. CS Ow, P.Eng. Finally, we engineers do have our own title to identify ourselves as a professionals. We no longer required to go through tests and interviews in order for us to have our own Ir. We are now can address our fellow engineers as "Engr."

However, we are still encouraged to carry out our professional assessment tests. To register as an Professional Engineer is the must for all consulting engineers.

Although in doubt, I shall start preparing my P.Eng registration procedure. There are reports to write, and the worse part is, writting an essay! Oh dear!

Anyway, I shall start practicing and fine tuning my English language because the language use in the test and the interview would be English. Wish me luck.

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