Friday, November 23, 2007

KLCC at Night

Took this picture of KLCC on my way home after the Sony A700 launching event dinner on 7th October 2007. Nothing special about this pic, and I believe almost everyone who is able to capture any picture will definitely snap one or two pictures of KLCC.

The only one thing I can shout out about this pic is: I shot this hand-held. Thanks to the SSS of my Sony A100.

KLCC Twin Tower, used to be the tallest building in the world, but not any more. Its tallness had been challenged and overtook by other tall building like Taipei 101. Being kiasu, we should not surrender so fast, and we still proclaim this Twin Tower is the tallest "Twin Tower" in the world. And yes, our name is still on the top of the list. But not the list of "The Best University of the World".

So, we still keep our name on the top of the list, aren't we ? I should be proud of this, shouldn't I ? Well, what will happen if a rich country in the Middle East built a taller "Twin Tower" than our KLCC ? What would we proclaim ? Ah, I have one ! We have the highest "Sky Bridge" in the world !!

How's that ?


  1. 不得了啊,上了《星洲日报》教攝影!
    請問可否放上有關報導的 website link,讓我也學習學習 ^^

  2. 哈哈,猪兄见笑了!^_^


  3. couldn't agree more...