Thursday, June 19, 2008

Azrin sekeluarga

Ini adalah Azrin sekeluarga,
Kawan saya yang berkamera Alpha,
Bininya cantik dan lawa,
Anaknya comel belaka.

Mari kita berjumpa
Anak Azrin yang bergaya.
Comel betul anaknya,
Suka berposing depan kamera.

Saya ingin mengucap ribuan terima kasih kepada bro Azrin yang sanggup menjadi model saya. Saya ingin sangat untuk mempraktikkan teori teori flash fotografi yang saya baca dari Saya perlu aku bahawa skill saya adalah tidak bagus sangat untuk mendapatkan effect yang saya nak. Mungkin sesuatu yang tak betul dalam proses pembikinan foto-shoot ini.

Walau bagaimanapun, saya gembira kerana bro Azrin suka foto - foto yang saya tangkap. Mungkin kita akan buat foto-shoot lain kali, boleh tak bro Azrin ? Haha..


Oh boy, it had been years since my last time I laid my hands on keyboard to type in Malay. I remember my very last time to type in Malay was 8 years ago where I type my final year report. Although my nature of work does require me to write official Malay letters nowadays, but those are pretty standard formal letters. There are standard words to be used in these letter like "dengan hormatnya", "diharap dokumen - dokumen tersebut adalah teratur", "Ulasan daripada tuan dalam masa yang singkat adalah amat dialu - alukan" etc etc type of flattery words.

Well, being a Malaysian, and Malay language is our national language, and we all must know how to speak and how to write by using Malay language.

I don't have much Malay friends. One of the reasons is I was send to a Chinese school since primary one. I spend my 8 years of secondary school in a Chinese kebangsaan high school, where we practically don't see a Malay student in the whole school, besides some Malay teachers. And I spend my good 3 years in University by mixing with my Chinese friends.

However, I don't miss any opportunity to make friends from other ethnic. Thank God that due to my work nature as Engineer, I meet lot of people from all levels; from the general workers to Engineers to the Government official. By exposing myself in the internet forum, I met even more friends. Azrin is one of them.




  1. Azrin not Azlin10:15 am

    Wei Tan,

    Lawak2... you made me laugh like mad man.... hahahahah.. anyway ok la for your BM.. but my name is AZRIN not AZLIN!!!!

  2. ahahahaha.... maaf maaf bro Azrin. Cepat cepat saya tukar !

  3. So that's Malay. No wonder I can't read a single word!
    Canada is a multicultural society. We got lots of chances to know people from different races.

  4. Yan yan the pig farmer, yes, those are Malay words. We use "abc" to spell out the Malay words.

    Globalization had made our world smaller and smaller. We will start to meet different people from different part of the world. In fact, in my place where I work in, there are two Indian Engineer which they are from India!

  5. WC, aiyo, when I read you typing in Malay, the first thing that come into my mind is you shouting "raksasa! raksasa!!" ha ha! Wow, that was years ago! Can't believe you will be a father soon ;p

    BTW, how come you made mistake in your friend's name? alamak!

  6. Ying2,
    Haha. Without we realise, time does fly in light speed. :D That was years ago, I still remember Mr Tay worried about our result in STPM ! haha. I think we need to pay him a visit. :p

  7. ya, we should. so when will you actually move back to Pg?