Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bagan Lalang Shooting

Thanks to Jacky for inviting me to join in the photo shoot outing. This is my first time to Bagan Lalang, which is very very far far away from city. We drove about one and half hours to reach there. Yes, it is that far.

Bagan Lalang suppose to be the Palm of Selangor, something our good ex-BN Selangor Government wants to vivid the Palm of Dubai. Resorts will be built into the sea, far away from the shore line. The plan view of the resorts resemble the shape of a palm tree. This project was proposed about 3 years ago, and here you can see in the pic below, the progress of the work is super slow. Well, a typical government fund project, what else could I comment ?

My very first impression when I reached Bagan Lalang is: a typical Malaysian un-maintained beach. Rubbish is everywhere. Not to mention muddy Melacca Straight water. This is not a good place to hang out during weekends.

Anyway, we were there for photo shooting. The tide was low and the sea line had reach some distance into the sea. We walked all the way to the edge of the sea line and spend some good time there shooting friends of Jacky. I brought Angel with me cause I want her to come out and take some, err.... good fresh air (can I say that ?). She could chit chat and spend some time with Jacky's wife and get some good knowledge about pregnancy from her, who is more experience in term of pregnancy. Oh, Jacky is a father to two lovely daughters.

Some photos to share.

My ex-housemate Jacky Yong

Thanks to him for organising this shooting. I was testing my flash under bright sun light. This pic was shoot at 1/250s, the highest sync speed of my camera. Above than that speed, I'll get into HSS mode, which will very much reduce my flash GN. I don't want that to be happened.

Another example of Off Camera flash. This pic was shot at 1/320s. Flash was on my left, high up with sun light from my right. Not a very good example of off camera flash as I can't really see the effect of the flash. Hmm... time to re-study my knowledge about flash liao.

Lovely Janice. An example of single off camera flash photography where the flash acts as the separation to the hair. A touch of flash could bring out some texture to the hair. I think the flash is not high enough....

Ainie and Chee Wah. One off camera flash from camera right. Notice that due to Ainie's cloth is in dark in colour, her cloth somehow blend into the dark background. A second flash come in rescue to act as the separation as shown in the next photo:

From left: Ellie, Daren, Janice and Alex. Another example of 2 off camera flashes photo. One on camera right, high up and another on camera left, human height.

A final group photo of the sporting friends of Jacky. From left : Alex, Daren, Ainie, Chee Wah, Ellie and Janice. Special thanks to them who willing to become our "white mice" for some photography testing technic.

I thought I lost my flash into the sea, but in fact I forgot to bring my other flash ! Haha... I was preparing to confess to my wife and felt so guilty for not looking after my gears. But when I found out I didn't bring out my flash, I felt so relief ! Lesson learned, always check through my gears when going out shooting ! haha !

Anyway, this is quite an experience, hope I can do such shooting again in the future. :p


  1. one suggestion: u might wanna ask the guy not to wear "crocs" when modelling. the crocs don't look nice in pictures :D

  2. 薇薇
    You are correct. Hadn't notice that until I came home that day.... Thanks for the tips.