Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Pre-Wedding Shots

Not mine, of course.

I am honoured to be asked by Azrin, my fellow photography friend, to conduct a pre-wedding shots for his brother, Azuan. To be frank, I am really in deep stress to accept this help; I've never done a pre-wedding shots before, although I've done three wedding shots. Doing a pre-wedding shots is not an easy task, because the photos are "once in the life time" shots. No mistake is allowed.

To do this, I had gone through some works from some famous photographers in the net. I've seen some works from the international wedding photographers as well. Then we start to scout for location for the shooting.

First location: Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam.

This is a place took me surprise. I never know there is such a greenery place in Shah Alam. They even have a full size paddy field in this park !

This is Azrin. In the name of photography, he can get himself down to the earth to get a good shot.

The next stop : KTM Station, Kuala Lumpur.
The famous Train Station of Kuala Lumpur is one of the building left by the British and I believe is one of the few buildings (or maybe the only existing British building) been still in used by local. We like the architectural interior design of this building, and hence we choice to do some shots here.

Again, this is Azrin. He likes to become a model, and I need a model for flash test shot, and he's happy to become my voice activated flash stand (VAFT).

Azrin, again. Ok, I know you guys are getting bored. I just want to show that the Sony wireless flash system do work for a distance more than 5 metres, as long as the red-eye sensor of the flash is facing the camera.

Ok, last shot from him, Azrin again ! ahahahahahaha. Anyway, what I want to show here is: becareful of this guy. See, the sign says "Bahaya. Danger!" aahahahaha

Oh, yes, thanks for the delicious lunch from Azrin after the photo session.

We went to this lovely western-lookalike-but-I-think-it's-an-Arabian-style restaurant to have our belated lunch.

I ordered this Macroloni Latoroni (or something. I forgot the name, but it has a "ni" and another "ni" behind of its name). Full of cheese, and it tastes delicious! Thanks Azrin !

Ok, I'd been written for so much, but why no pre-wed shots for Azuan? Well, their shots will be kept secret until their big day, which falls on Jan 2009. I'm honoured to be invited to his big day, and I'm prepare to attend the ceremony, if and only if, my new born baby allows me to go. ahahaha.

Anyway, our next location will be Hotel Heritage of Kuala Lumpur. The management of the hotel is generous enough to open its door to let us go in to do any kind of photography shots for free. As return, they need a copy of our photos as for their promotion. Well, for amertuer like me, this sound fair to me, added that Azuan has no objection on the hotel using their pics, we would like to go in and get some outstanding shots of that hotel.

This will only happen on September, because the Hotel is fully booked by photographers !!

So, stay tuned ! :D

(Aiseh, sound like there are lots of people reading my blog ! ahahahahahaha..... amat tidak tahu memalukan ! akakakakka)


  1. will be waiting for those photos

    Welcome !

    I'll definitely post up the photos once we got the whole set ready. :D

  3. I read your blog :P

    Thanks bro for the great photos...

  4. Azuan,
    Welcome !

    You are welcome bro ! We meet again in 3 weeks! I promise to deliver a great job, and I must do it !