Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wua Punya Big Day

*Caution: Some degree of understanding of Hokkien and Malay languages are required to read this article.

12th of January was my big day. Wua and Nv Ren si beh happy. 3 days before the big day, i.e. 9th January, wua lang came back to Penang to do wua lang punya documentation. Penang ar, si beh hot, and wua lang kena sun burn liao.

Wua thought wua lang no need to do running, mana zai, wua lang have to run 2 departments to verify wua lang punya forms is not fake one. So, wua lang mar pigi jalan - jalan government punya department lor. After being lectured by two friendly department punya orang, wua lang manyak happy liao and summit forms to the registrar for him to prepare marriage certificates.

So, after summit all the documents ar, wua lang mar tunggu itu hari besar lor.

Wua lang mar wait wait wait and wait until 12th January. That day was a good day, shiny shiny, no rain rain. Early early wua lang pun reach the Buddhist society punya centre. Then wua lang wait wait for the registrar to come. He ar, that night before registration said very fierceful, "All must wear formal with tie !!" Then ler, he wear veli the ching cai. He is very jia lat lar.

Before all, he checked checked all our documents were in order first. Then ar, he asked me write down wua lang punya chinese names. Then liao ar, he asked wua lang stand in front of Buddha and he started to talk "yah soh". Si beh boring I tell you !!

After finish talk "yah soh", he asked the question lor, said "Lu wanna marry her as your wife or not. If want, say I want. If don't want, say Don't want. Say loud loud baru other can hear." Wua mar shouted loud loud "I WANT !!" until EVERYONE can hear. Akakakaka

Then ler, he asked us to pray pray to Lord Buddha lar. After pray pray, he pronouned us as husband and wife liao. Then we change cincin. Then we sign the certificates. Then by-law, we are ang and boh liao.

That's the fary tale of a just married cuople.


  1. 嘩老耶,昏倒~~

  2. 呵呵。这就是东南亚仅有的本土英文了!女人要会看哦!


  3. 再次昏倒啦!