Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Complaint Hotline/Customer Support

Have you ever write or make a complaint through a complaint hotline or email ? Do you notice how would they reply you ? Do they really solve your problem ?

I made four complaints so far, through online as well as telephone hotlines. You know what, this is their standard answers:

Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you for your email to so-and-so.

We are sorry that you have not been treated well at the outlet counter at so-and-so. We will look into it and we assure you that this would not be happen again.

Should you require any further assistance or would like to submit any enquiry/feedback, kindly visit bla-bla-bla and click on Customer Support.

Mr. Tan, we thank you for taking the time to write to us and look forward to serve you better.

Customer Care Support.

What a LP-PL answer they have. After this email, they consider this case solved and closed. And we as a customer, are forced to accept such a ridigulous answer and consider it resolved. What the f***!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I've made a few complaints before and tell you what, Nestle has the best customer service that I've ever seen.
    2 years ago, I sent an email to them telling them that the 3-in-1 nescafe that I bought is 'oily'. Within one week, I receive a phone call from the customer service to try to understand my situation. One day after the phone call, the Northen Sales Manager come to my office personally to collect the 'non-conforming-product' and replace a new pack of 3-in-1 for me. Another 2 weeks later, I get the analysis report! I'm impressed!!